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Our company came from our passion for our vineyards


Fleuretna originated and came from our passion for both wine and winemaking. Our philosophy is inspired by quality and not just quantity, because we want to share the experience and not simply sell a product.  This is why we began our company with the idea and aim of pushing limits, defying odds and trying something new without ever losing sight of our history.


In 2011 we planted our first micro-vineyard in the area between Acireale and Riposto. It was in this area that, in 1800, an incredibly large amount of blended wine was produced and was sold to the predominant chateaux in Bordeaux. When the phylloxera devastated the grapes at the end of 1800, wine makers were forced to convert almost all their vineyards into lemon groves and the vines disappeared.  Over more than 100 years later, in 2011, we decided to replace the lemon groves and re-plant the vines. We restored the old terraced vineyards so that we could make space for Nerello Mascalese and Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Many people thought we were crazy. Not only were we going back in time but we also made it worse by the fact that we were planting a French variety! For 5 years, we experimented with several blends and continued investing in quality.


Then, 2016 was the turning point for our wine production because we produced around 500 bottles of Nerello Mascalese and 100 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon. Our wine was greatly appreciated by a very small group of customers, mostly friends and family, who started to support and encourage us. 


Our Promise

In our continual quest to improve the quality of our wine, in 2016 we purchased a second small vineyard in Calderara Sottana, one of the most coveted "contrade" (growing areas) in the Etna DOC area. We also formed a strategic alliance with the Grasso family (from the Filippo Grasso winery) who has been cultivating vines on Etna with passion and dedication for many generations and produce excellent wine. Recently, in 2019, we decided to adopt an aging process using 1,000 litres barrels. The wine ages in the barrel for 18 months and is then transferred to bottles for a further 6 months. The decision not to use casks was prompted our desire to remain as close to our traditions as possible and use wood only to enhance the characteristics of Nerello Mascalese rather than to change its character.


Our promise is that our sole objective will always be the quality of each bottle, and not the quantity of bottles produced. Losing our identity scares us a lot more than losing profits.


To us quality means producing a wine with a distinct personality, that best expresses the characteristics of our region, reflects the variability of the vintages and ages well. A wine designed for a special occasion but easy to drink every day.  A wine that does not need to rely on words to be described because the best description is the smile of those who savour it.


A magical wine full of history and tradition


Scents and aromas of Sicily

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